I think there is a misconception surrounding modern day rituals which is greatly due to social media hype. Instagram is known for taking something simple and ever so humble, dressing it up and (for lack of better words) shoving it unapologetically in our faces. Don’t get me wrong, when used wisely it is a great platform, offering creative space, a wealth of information, business opportunity and pure beauty, all at the tip of our fingers.


As a business who speaks of rituals and the act of slowing down to ground ones self, there is a fine balance in remaining authentic. I often want to post more stories on my own rituals because it inspires my audience on how to incorporate these practices into their own lives. However, I usually prefer to keep them to myself, as posting them often takes away from the act of doing them in the first place. We see beautiful posts and stories on rituals that are “Insta worthy” and, while it’s visually appealing, it can often give people the false sense that those who practice rituals are grounded and together people who somehow have their lives more figured out. Yes, yes by now we know it’s not all real and they’re to be taken with a grain of salt but in light of pretending, we’re all victim of that mindset occasionally and fall into that well of self loathing and comparison. The truth is, these rituals we hear of should be simple, attainable and beautiful to YOU. That’s it! A ritual can be as simple as waking up each morning, opening your curtains, breathing in some fresh air, making your bed and sipping on your coffee as you listen to the radio. It’s doesn’t have to be elaborate, or aesthetically pleasing to anyone. it is simply an act of doing things in a particular way that make us feel grounded.


As a child I journaled ever day. I was 9 when my Mom gave me my first journal, I remember it had little cats on it. Some kids may have tossed it aside but to me it was just what I needed. Around that time my parents were divorcing and the one thing I could rely on was writing down my thoughts, my days. The simple act of doing it was my therapy. In an unsettling time it was the one thing that I found comfort in and looking back, really got me through a tough patch. The cool thing is, I did it myself (credit to my mom for knowing before me) and knew what I needed without even thinking about it. Sure, I skipped a day and the neurotic perfectionist in me got overwhelmed and decided I couldn’t continue because I fell a day behind. But I always came back to it because it felt right and it was attainable.


As adults, we often overthink things and forget to trust our gut. If we could just simplify our needs to focus on our key values, it would be so much easier to understand what we truly need. In a world of instant everything and a million thoughts and distractions buzzing around us, simple moments that we can rely on daily can be incredibly beneficially to our wellbeing.


To close, I encourage you to practice whatever it is that makes you feel good. Whether it be elaborate rituals with beautiful objects and posts on Instagram, or the simple act you have always done and will continue to do in private. Just know it’s yours and you can always come back to it, even after all those years.

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